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A personal approach to heat pump installation

Heat Pump Services is your end-to-end heat pump services and product provider in Auckland.  

Going the extra mile, we do more than just supply and install heat pumps – we provide a full, specialised service package. We guide you from our very first phone call, to a face-to-face consultation and installation, to ongoing heat pump maintenance and servicing.

From our team of highly skilled and experienced technicians dedicated to providing the best and most efficient installations and maintenance, to the premium quality heat pump products we offer, expect exceptional customer services and top-quality work done right and on time.

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High-grade Fujitsu Heat Pumps designed for a range of spaces

Enjoy comfort no matter the season with Fujitsu heat pumps. Offering a wide range of products to suit both residential and commercial applications, Fujitsu heat pumps in New Zealand consistently deliver the high quality products they are known for. 

We are one of Fujitsu's accredited installers, ensuring that you get a six-year coverage and labour warranty. 

Whatever heat pump or air conditioner solution you seek, Fujitsu's portfolio of world-class, energy efficient products has something for you. That's why it is New Zealand's most trusted heat pump brand.

With Fujitsu heat pumps, you'll always get the right fit for your space.


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Residential heat pumps for your home

Whether you need a single wall heat pump, or a multi-system, we suit our needs to you and your home. Fujitsu heat pumps are designed to create a comfortable, healthy atmosphere for you and your family. Not only do they heat and cool, they also dehumidify and filter the air: minimising condensation and mould. 

In addition to providing you with high-quality Fujitsu. We also aim to provide you with the best guidance and excellent customer service. Your individual needs and unique spaces are always on top of mind when we offer the perfect solution for your heat pump needs.


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Commercial heat pumps for businesses

As experts in Fujitsu heat pump systems, our team is proficient in the installment of individual heat pumps, multi-system or fully ducted central heating systems for commercial sites. We fit heat pumps for churches, schools, and small businesses – giving you a clean and comfortable work, leisure or learning environment.

Ensure clean air and a comfortable working environment for your employees. Choose from our wide range of commercial heat pumps/air conditioners, all designed to warm or cool  your working space. Packed with the latest advancements in technology for complete flexibility and control, we offer the best solution for your commercial space needs. Are you looking to lower your carbon footprint? 

For your business air conditioning needs, contact us for a free quote or give us a call anytime.

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Creating value with quality heat pumps and quality advice

We’re not just selling a product, we’re providing advice.

With over 15 years of experience, our friendly, skilled team of electricians place a personal commitment on guaranteeing high quality product and service installation for you. We value quality – which is why we make it our mission to provide ongoing advice and guidance to support you in your heat pump decisions.

Heatpumpservices is a professional heat pump and air conditioning supplier and installer

If you are looking for a reliable air con unit or a heat pump that is a true high quality product - you've come to the right place.
As you know, the heat pump cost is only one factor when it comes to choosing the right product for your home or office. Do you need to dehumidify your space? Are you concerned about the air quality in your building? We provide specialised advice to ensure the heat pump we put in place is most beneficial to your family.


What exactly is a heat pump?

A heat pump is a system that extracts heat from one place and channels it to another. The heat transfer is done through the evaporation and condensation of a gas/liquid refrigerant, like in your refrigerator or air conditioner.

All three devices use refrigeration technology to achieve their intended purpose. But a heat pump takes things to a whole new level because it can heat as well as cool, depending on your temperature control requirements.

How does a heat pump work?

The system comprises two units; one which is mounted inside your home and another that is installed outside. The system has:

  • Heat exchange coils in both units
  • Fans in both units
  • A compressor in the outdoor unit. This is the heart of the system that pumps the refrigerant through the coils
  • Check valves and expansion valves that control the pressure of the refrigerant
  • Reversing valve in the outdoor unit

In heating mode, the coils containing the refrigerant are exposed to the air outside. The refrigerant can absorb heat even when the outside temperature dips to -20 degrees Celsius.

Once the refrigerant begins to boil, the compressor compresses it and routes it to the coils in the indoor unit. A fan in the indoor unit blows air over the heat exchange coils, transferring the heat to the indoor environment.

As the refrigerant cools, it condenses and flows back to the outdoor unit and the process repeats itself. The reversing valve allows you to turn the flow of the refrigerant in the opposite direction.

So, in the cooling mode, the refrigerant evaporates in the indoor coils. In doing so, it absorbs heat energy from the indoor environment. Then, it flows to the outdoor unit where it cools and condenses, and is sent right back inside.

What are the benefits of installing a Fujitsu heat pump?

1. A peaceful and noise-free indoor environment: Their fan technology makes Fujitsu's heat pumps among the quietest in the market. Although many models come with 4 fan speeds, in the quiet fan mode, these operate at a very low 19 dB. Even a whisper is louder at 30 dB!

2. The most energy-efficient units in the market: Fujitsu has more heat pumps with Energy Star ratings than any other brand out there. These units can offer $4.60 worth of energy or more for every $1 that you spend to operate the pump.

3. Heat pumps that are backed by Better Heat & Trade Guarantee, Fujitsu is the only brand that currently offers an assurance that their heat pumps will provide the promised performance. You can get a free, no-obligation report from our Fujitsu Heat specialists to know about operational costs, performance, features, and best usage tips.

4. Products made to withstand New Zealand weather: With salt-laden air common in most parts of the country, outdoor units of heat pumps are the first to give way due to corrosion-related damage. But all Fujitsu outdoor heat pump units are coated with a special corrosion-resistant material. So, you get better performance and an increased life span from the system. That's more value for your money!

What types of heat pumps are there?

In terms of system design and the area that they can serve, heat pumps can be divided into 3 categories:

1.  Single-split: As its name suggests, this system is meant for a single room and has one outdoor and one indoor unit.

2.  Multi-split: This is a larger system meant to serve multiple rooms in the house. It can have 2 or more indoor units as required. But, they are all connected to one large outdoor unit.

3.  Ducted: In terms of layout, this system is similar to the multi-split system. The difference is that the single outdoor unit feeds multiple concealed indoor units that are served through a network of ducts.

Single and multi-split systems are further segregated based on the features and mounting point of the indoor unit. More on this in the last section -"Where can heat pumps be installed?"

Will the heat pump heat my entire house?

With a ducted or a multi-split heat pump, you can create a multi-zone system in which a single outdoor unit will heat up your entire home. But, it is crucial to get the heat pump sized appropriately.

-  If you choose an oversized unit, it will cycle more rapidly than it should, which will lower the life expectancy of the system

-   If you pick an undersized unit, it will have to work harder to reach the desired temperature. This will also stress the system and cause the outside coil to defrost frequently.

Unfortunately, there are no standard solutions when it comes to picking the size of the heat pump for your home. A myriad of factors have to be considered, which can only be done after a complete and thorough assessment of your requirements.

So, don't pick the first product that you see. Instead save yourself the hassle and money by calling us on 0508 247 266  for heat pump service Auckland. Homeowners and businesses can get a free, no-obligation assessment and quote, if you call now.

How much does a heat pump cost?

Because every home and every family has unique requirements, the price range for a heat pump setup can vary significantly. But as a general guide, this is what you should expect to pay.

  • For a single room set up or small to medium living area setup, a single split, high-wall system will cost between $2000 and $3,000, including installation charges.
  • For a large living area served by a single-split system (5 to 9 kW), the costs can be around $3,000 to $4500.
  • For a multi split system, the cost should be between $4,500 and $7,000, based on the number of indoor units (2 to 4 indoor components)
  • For a ducted system designed to serve the entire house, unit and installation costs typically start at $12,000.

For a more accurate cost estimate, call us, Heat Pump Services, at 0508 247 266.

How long will my heat pump Auckland last?

If you choose top quality equipment and have it installed by qualified technicians in Auckland, the unit can easily last you for 10 to 15 years. However, failure to maintain the components will impact the performance and the lifespan of the system.

With a reputable provider such as Heat Pump Services Auckland, you have all bases covered. Our technicians follow a four-step process to ensure that you get:

- The best heat pump Auckland system customised to suit your requirements at cost effective rates.

- Thorough installation that gets peak performance from the unit.

- Complete knowledge on how to operate the system for peak efficiency and performance.

- Regular heat pump services  and maintenance, so you get more value for your investment.

How does a heat pump affect my power bill?

To find out the running costs of a heatpump compared to other forms of heating go to Energywise.govt.nz.  To save energy costs it is important to get the right size heat pump for the space you’re heating. If your heat pump is too small it will have to work harder and therefore cost you more to run.  Good installation is fundamental to how well a heat pump performs – make sure you choose an experienced installer.

Where can heat pumps be installed?

For the indoor heat pump unit, you get multiple mounting options. Aesthetics, airflow efficiency and cost dictate the choice of most homeowners. Your options include:

Standard high wall: A common residential heat pump Auckland setup where  the indoor unit is mounted 1-2 inches below the ceiling in this system.

Ceiling cassette: The unit is mounted in the ceiling instead of on the wall. Because these units offer four directional airflow, they are well suited for temperature control in large spaces.

Under ceiling: The indoor unit is mounted on the wall but closer to the ceiling than the high wall setup.

Floor console: These units can be installed inches above the skirting board or they can be made to stand on the floor. You can also have them installed as a replacement to the fireplace.

Because installing the outdoor unit in the wrong location can impact the performance of the system, aesthetics cannot be the only consideration. Instead, the location is chosen on the basis of these performance factors:

The outdoor component needs plenty of air flow to provide peak performance. So, it cannot be placed in a closed area like the garage.

Since vegetation can be a hindrance to the air flow around the unit and plant debris can block the coil and the fan, the outdoor component has to be placed away from shrubbery.

Because of the drainage requirement, the outdoor unit needs a clearance of 10 cm above ground level.

Rigid and flat surfaces are the best for installing outdoor units.

Should I get my heat pump serviced?

Yes, the best way to keep your heat pump running smoothly is to get it maintained. We offer heat pump services to ensure that your machine is well-maintained and operating at its best.


Why choose FUJITSU

  • Specialist expertise
  • Advanced air filters
  • Trusted brand
  • New Zealand’s only accredited installation programme
  • Longest manufacturer’s warranty

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