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As Fujitsu accredited installers, we provide air conditioning installation services for both residential and commercial spaces. When you come to Heat Pump Services, you get:

Customised systems that perfectly suit your specific requirements.

Top of the line products with all the features you need.

Glitch free installation that brings out optimal performance from the system.

Continual support to get the maximum returns from your investment.

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Air conditioning in NZ- Is it even needed?

Yes, our water-locked country mostly has a temperate climate. But, you know how sweltering hot and sticky Auckland summers can be! Yet, here's the shocker- Most homes are only equipped with heating systems.

Of course, you can't even think about doing away with the car air conditioning in Auckland. Workplace air conditioning is also a must-have. After all, it helps you to work through the stifling heat. However, when it comes to a residential air-con unit NZ homeowners consider it a luxury they can forego.

But, did you know that you can save tons of money with air conditioning?

Auckland residents, in particular, have so much more to gain from air conditioning services than just the promise of cool, crisp air. Take a look at how air conditioning in Auckland can help:

1. Contributes to home safety

In summer, all you can do to deal with the unbearable heat is throw open the doors and windows. While this barely controls the soaring temperatures, it sure works as an invite for antisocial elements. With air conditioning, you can keep your windows closed and your home safe.

2. Keeps out pests

Hot and humid days also bring along menaces such as mosquitoes, flies and fleas. Because windows and doors have to be closed for air conditioning, NZ residents with cooler homes also prevent the risk of bug bites and the diseases they cause.

3. Neutralises the harmful effects of heat

It's possible to not just control and minimize heat related health issues such as heat stroke, lung and cardiac ailment, but to also lower the number of deaths linked to high temperatures through air con.

4. Promises a good night's sleep

While on the topic of how hot summers impact your body, we simply cannot ignore the health ramifications of heat related sleep deprivation. With just one night of sleep loss, you raise your anxiety levels by 30% and the levels of Alzheimer's-causing protein (tau) by 50%. On average, Auckland has at least 20 very hot days every year. Imagine the damage 20 sleepless nights can do to your body and brain!  

5. Creates a favorable environment for workouts

Even the smallest of chores has you drenched in sweat in summer. So, it goes without saying that you cannot possibly workout when it's that hot, unless you are paying for a gym subscription.

But that can change with air con. NZ homeowners can keep the indoor temperature at a very pleasant 18 to 20 degree C, which is just right for an intense calorie-burn session.

6. Improves indoor air quality

Heat and humidity create a rife environment for mold growth. By keeping those windows open, you also add pollen and dust to the already deteriorating indoor air quality.

Together, these allergens can make you very sick. While asthma patients are the most at risk, anybody with allergy problems, sinus issues or other respiratory ailments could also suffer the consequences of poor air quality. However, with a properly maintained air conditioner, you can at once get rid of both the moisture and the allergens in the indoor environment.

7. Provides a welcoming environment

Because you keep the doors and windows closed to enable the cooling system to function optimally, you also essentially keep out noise pollution. Plus, air conditioners do a brilliant job of removing cooking smell and other odors from inside your home. Simply put, they create a cool, calm and clean space that you need to keep both mind and body healthy.

8. Protects your furniture

Because an air conditioner also doubles up as a dehumidifier, it not just prevents mold growth but also safeguards your furniture and home accessories from damage due to moisture. When exposed to high humidity, wood tends to warp and iron rusts rapidly, even leather is more susceptible to peeling and rotting when there is a lot of moisture in the air.

9. Increases the lifespan of your appliances

Lower indoor temperatures help to prevent heat buildup around and inside electrical appliances. So, your gadgets run cooler hence longer with indoor air conditioning.

10. Cools tempers and tames fatigue

Last but not the least, lower temperatures from air conditioning in NZ reduces dehydration and the energy expenditure needed to keep your body cool in summer. Plus, when you are feeling hot and sweating uncontrollably, it is easy, even inevitable, to lose your temper at the smallest triggers. So, a pleasantly cool living space also equates to more equable temper and higher energy levels.

If you were to put a dollar value on how much you stand to gain and save from each of those benefits, you would walk away with far more than the 25c/hour you'd spend on keeping your home cool this summer with an air con unit in NZ.

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Whether you need cooling in just the living area or are interested in a temperature control system that keeps every inch of your home cool throughout summer, we have just the unit for you.

Types of Air Conditioning Systems we install

For residential properties, we have everything from the standard high wall products to multi-room and ducted systems. In terms of features, these top of the line products are the perfect combination of performance, aesthetics and cost efficiency. Take a look at what these units offer:

High wall air con unit

NZ home owners with space constraints can opt for the Compact Hi-Wall Premier range of Fujitsu heat pumps. The super quiet machine comes with a flat panel indoor unit and a space-saver outdoor unit that can be operated with remote and wall panel controllers.

Lifestyle Range

Designed to be less obtrusive and integrate seamlessly with the room’s interior, the new ASTG18/22/24KMTC models within the range are slimmer than the previous Fujitsu lifestyle units by 30mm* in depth.
The matte finish and smooth edges create a modern aesthetic to suit contemporary homes.

The lifestyle range of Hi Wall reverse cycle air conditioning units are Fujitsu General’s most efficient! An improved star rating for heating mode has been achieved across the ASTG18/22/24KMTC models, along with an improved star rating in cooling mode on the ASTG18KMTC model.

The compact floor console range

These heat pumps are specifically meant for those who want superior heating performance from their air con. NZ homeowners will be delighted by the surprisingly quick heating performance that these systems offer. With a compact design, dual fans and Apple- Catechin filter, this is health-centric air conditioning at its most efficient.

The high capacity Floor console range

When flexibility is important, we recommend this system for air conditioning, NZ homeowners can access the superior heating potential of this system with a floor console or an under ceiling indoor unit. In fact, most of our clients are surprised by the sheer ability of this unit to turn a large area from bone-chilling to toasty in minutes.

Compact ceiling cassettes

If you already have a ducted system in your home or want to utilise ceiling space with a compact cassette design then this is the unit for you. Usually, when it comes to air conditioning Auckland residents are not too keen on the ceiling cassette design.

If you are also concerned about the issues of these systems, Fujitsu's Compact Ceiling Cassettes will impress you with its performance. This is a highly customizable product that comes with turbo fans. So, you get exceptional heating and cooling capacity.

With so many products, it can be hard to choose one that will work for you. And that's where Heat Pump Services can help you out. With our air conditioning services, you will have a system that's just the right-fit for you.

From ducted systems that use the existing temperature control infrastructure of your home to multi-room systems that feed off one outdoor unit, we have them all.

And we don't just specialice in residential air con. Auckland businesses can also get tailor-made temperature control systems and end-to-end air conditioning services from Heat Pump Services! We are your one-stop provider of all your commercial requirements for air conditioning.

NZ business owners, with Heat Pump Services, you get a reliable service partner that offers dependable and cost efficient heating and cooling systems.

From one business to another, we know how the smallest of comfort parameters can make a big difference to customer purchasing decisions as well as employee productivity. So, we provide heating and cooling systems that are designed to suit the unique requirements of your business and office space. We can:

  • Upgrade your existing air conditioning in NZ system.
  • Design new air conditioning systems for old and new commercial spaces.
  • Repair and maintain existing temperature control systems.
  • Repair and install new duct work.

Yes, we provide just about every commercial air condition service you can think of. But, that's not all. With Heat Pump Services, you get the lowest prices, best products, exceptional service and continued support that you can rely on 100%.

So, if you want safety, cost efficiency and reliability from your air con unit in NZ, businesses should a look at our range of commercial products and air con services.

Ducted systems: To serve the diverse requirements of retail and commercial businesses, we rely on Fujitsu's range of feature-rich, high efficiency heat pumps. They are available in a wide range of heating capacities; starting at a modest 6kW and going up to a massive 28 kW.

To perfectly complement the superlative performance of these heat pumps, we choose under ceiling, high capacity cassette or compact cassette indoor units. These are a flawless combination of powerful airflow, quiet operation and energy efficiency. No matter how demanding your requirements for commercial air conditioning, Auckland businesses can save as much as 40% on energy expenses with this system.

The J-series: While centrally controlled ducted systems are the most popular in the commercial arena, we know that some businesses need flexibility when it comes to air con. NZ apartment blocks and shopping centers can accommodate the varying air conditioning requirements of individual and common areas with J-Series products. Above all, you get this flexibility without compromising on performance or burning a hole in your wallet.

If you are interested in reliable performance and increased efficiency with minimal maintenance, we have just the air conditioning unit for you.

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Air Conditioning Servicing and Maintenance

So, what happens after you have the best heat pump installed to perfection?

The right product and proper installation are just two of the triad required to get the most from your heat pump systems.

The third is maintenance!

You can buy the best system out there and have it meticulously installed. But, unless you maintain it, wear and tear are bound to set in.

And once the components start to degrade, performance will dip rapidly. Why let things go so far when you can keep the heat pump system in top shape with these simple tips?

1. A clogged up system is no good

Think of the air filter as the nose of your air conditioning system. If the air filter is dirty, the unit has to work harder, which lowers its life span.

Plus, there is always the risk of overheating and system disruption/failure on the hottest day of summer when you desperately need that cooling. So, play it safe and check the filter once a month. If you can't see through the filter when it's held against the light, a change is definitely needed.

2. You can inadvertently clog up the system

Be careful when closing the vents of central air conditioning systems. Shutting the vents in one room/area can cause the unit to freeze up. So, instead of blocking the vents completely, keep them partially closed. This will allow enough air flow through the system to keep it working as it should.

3. Maintain the outdoor unit and the surrounding area

Dirt, leaves and dust on the outdoor unit as well as shrubbery that blocks the flow of air around it will significantly impact the performance of the system. So, make sure that you cut back all plants and shrubs that disrupt the air flow to the compressor.

To clean visible debris, use a soft vac brush or a soft broom. But, remember to completely turn off the power to the unit before you start working on it. Also, be careful when cleaning the fins, these easily bend out of shape.

4. Evaluate the insulation of your home

You can end up paying 20 to 40% more in operational costs if the insulation of your home is not up to mark. So, regularly check for drafts around doors and windows, which could indicate a leak.

5. Schedule preventative maintenance

Here is a tried and tested way to keep your heat pump system in top shape- Call for preventative maintenance. Even if you are diligent about keeping the air filter and the outdoor unit clean, the other components in the system also need attention.